Portable Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Get your medical product to market faster

The Problem:

Medical personnel require a safe, transportable carrying case to house sensitive equipment that can be used quickly.


In the past, diagnosis of heart problems required significant time and attention by a doctor or other specialists using bulky equipment. Now, using a single computer interface with two, non-invasive, plug-in components, medical personnel can perform a variety of diagnostic tests related to heart condition. Every medical professional, whether a specialist or generalist, can use these test results to make a significant difference in their patients’ lives as well as in the health of their medical practice.

The Solution:

C.H. Ellis staff met with the customer to review the necessary components for a compact, safe carrying case. We designed a thermal formed hard case with a divider in the lid to house the attachments (plug-ins) secured in foam pockets and held in place with elastic. In the base, we provided a lift out tray to hold the computer in place. Removing the computer gave access to plates housed in foam.

One easy-to-carry case handled all of the necessary components to conduct tests necessary for diagnosing heart conditions.


Style: Molded
Material: Polyethylene and foam

When seconds matter and lives are on the line, medical supplies need to be fully visible and easily accessible.