First Responders Oxygen Supply System

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The Problem:

During a mass casualty situation in extreme environments, multiple personnel can require oxygen due to smoke or chemical inhalation.


First responders need oxygen to combat smoke, chemical inhalation or fatigue. Often, multiple responders need a source of oxygen at the same time. A quick solution for multiple responders to get oxygen at the same time was critical. The case also had to stand up to harsh environments.

The Solution:

C.H. Ellis engineers, working with the customer, agreed on a high visibility green thermal formed case made of polyethylene plastic. Polyethylene is a rugged plastic that withstands most chemicals and solvents including gasoline. The operating temperature range is from -40 to +185 degrees Fahrenheit.

The interior of the case was designed to hold multiple hoses, masks and oxygen manifold. The construction also allowed for a variety of options such as number of masks, quantity of hoses and type of manifold.

When setup for use, the manifold mounted to the top of the case and, depending on the option, provided up to eight hookup locations. Everything necessary for oxygen supply for up to eight responders was self-contained in a small footprint.


Style: Molded
Material: Polyethylene

Our custom case solution perfectly fit the client’s need for functionality, portability and ruggedness.