Protect your equipment and showcase your brand with expertly engineered, durable cases you can rely on.


A tough, rugged, and economical option, allowing for customized colors and textures to provides lasting protection.


Our Parker Plastics Roto-Rugged line is the most durable option we carry. Customize many options, including color.  


These cases provide a classic look with a light feel, typically seen in the field with our military and local technicians.


These cases provide a low cost option that’s light weight, but serves as standard protection and is also dent resistant.


This dent resistant top of the line case features water resistant technology, with available custom inserts to fit your needs.

EVA (semi-rigid)

Lightweight, molded, rigid foam with zippers as a closing feature that allow you to transport with ease.

Every case, hand inspected — every rivet, every handle, every latch. Clean and scratch free.

Industrial machine

C.H. Ellis cases date back to the early 1900s.  Our cases were originally made with leather, then transitioned into wood frames covered with aluminum. As manufacturing and technology came together in the early 1970s, we brought the first ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) case to the market as a stronger, more reliable and lightweight option for hard-working people. The case design would continue to improve through the use of polyethylene and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), using the vacuum formed and roto (Rotational) molded technology we still use today. These materials are chemical resistant and provide strong, long lasting protection.

Our first vacuum formed plastic tool and carrying cases were reinforced with resin and fiberglass, custom made to size with hand-placed reinforcements to strengthen the corners and overall structure. Our modern HDPE and polyethylene technology is rugged and durable, just like truck bed liners. C.H. Ellis cases are made to be used out in the field carrying your equipment to get the job done.

Ellis rotational molded cases start from a custom powder formulation. The powder is displaced and expands inside a custom mold for each customer. This material is known for its strong and durable corners. Our roto molded cases are the best in the industry. You might have even seen or already used one on the job – we manufacture thousands of cases for brands and custom orders alike for case wielding workers.

The C.H. Ellis process involves hand inspecting every case to ensure high quality as we bend the balances to ensure perfect alignment for a strong, long-lasting seal and high volume capacity. We are committed to avoiding compromise to the integrity of your case to speed up production or to earn a few more dollars through mass automation. Our handmade processes and quality checks set us apart from our competitors.

Our hard cases are custom made for every customer, giving you exactly what you need — from the type of wheel you’re rolling with to the size of the handle.

We even manufacture custom tool pallets and foam inserts to ensure your products, tools and whatever you may be carrying are protected and secure.

Which case style is the right choice?

Contact us today and our in-house design and manufacturing experts will review your needs to ensure the best fit for your project.