Field Service

Inspection Tool Pouch for FOD

The Problem:

Inspection pouches must not only function as a tool bag, but also as a tool control bag and FOD removal.


A major aircraft manufacturer needed a pouch to house inspection tools and hold any potential FOD items for disposal after inspection. They wanted the pouch to allow for quick inventory of tools and ease of use for inspectors with multiple carry options.

The Solution:

Our engineers selected a durable, high-visibility orange nylon for the body of the pouch. They mated this with clear vinyl pockets that allow for quick tool inventory. The pockets had a hook/loop tab to keep the tools in place and avoid any FOD.

The engineers designed a wide swivel belt/strap. This permitted the inspector to carry the bag over the shoulder or around the waist. We designed two variations to carry either four or six tools.

To meet the final requirement of collecting FOD for disposal, engineering designed a pouch on the back of the bag where FOD could be secured until after inspection. All elements were met: visibility, durability, wearablity, and flexibility.


Style: Sewn
Material: Nylon and vinyl