Tool Control Pouches

Custom-engineered solutions for your industry.

The Problem:

Tools used during aircraft construction and inspection can damage the interior of the plane and require quick inventory to reduce costs and FOD damage.


Aircraft workers and inspectors have to climb stairs and crawl into tight spaces. They needed a lighter-weight solution to carry their tools than the traditional metal and plastic tool cases. Also, they needed a way to access and inventory their tools quickly. Traditional metal and plastic cases were unwieldy and could damage the interior of the aircraft. And, tool bags didn’t allow quick inventory. There had to be a lighter-weight, organized solution to carry, use and inventory the tools.

The Solution:

Our engineers had already designed a series of tool control bags for military applications. These stock FOD bags were made of rugged padded Cordura nylon with rubber weather-resistant bottoms that incorporated reflective tape into the sides and handles. The handles were formed from webbing sewn around the bottom of the bag to support the weight of the tools. The outer bags were designed to hold two, three, four, five or six 18.00″ x14.00″x 1.75″ clear pouches. Each had a pocket to hold potential FOD items for disposal off-site.

The interior bags were designed using 1680-denier ballistic nylon and heavy-duty clear vinyl to hold tools in place. Each tool had its own pocket and could be labeled or etched. This reduced the potential for tools to be left behind causing FOD.

From this platform of stock tool control pouches, we could design outer and inner bags to meet the specific tool load or size requirement for any job. And, we could offer a one-stop solution: the outer bags, inner bags and foam.


Style: Sewn

Material: Nylon and Foam

Our engineers designed a lightweight, well-organized solution to carry, use and inventory tools.