Aircraft Wire Protection

Custom-engineered solutions for your industry.

The Problem:

Wires and wire bundles often get damaged during and after installation in an aircraft.


Our customer is responsible for installation of the interior wiring in aircraft. As the wires are installed, damage may occur as they are secured or pulled. Additional damage is possible after installation, including inspections.

The resulting damage could require new wiring to be installed or rejection of the plane, if the work is not caught in time. All of which results in added expenses, lower profits and late delivery.

The Solution:

Our team at C.H. Ellis came up with specific solutions based on the type of problem presented.

The first problem was to protect wires during other work after the wires had been installed. The solution was a padded nylon pouch of various lengths to capture the wire bundle in the work area. The high-visibility pouches protected the wires and were easy to see when necessary to remove them—before flight. We also created a wide variant to capture multiple bundles.

The second problem was wires that hung too low. The solution: a nylon hammock with grommets. The grommets allowed the hammock to be raised with bungee cords so that the wires were no longer in harm’s way.

The third problem involved protecting wire terminations during mating of floor sections. The wires had to be protected as they were threaded between beams. The solution: a soft, padded wire bucket to capture the wires. Once captured, two straps pulled the wires tight and allowed the bundle to be pulled through the enclosed area without damage.


Style: Sewn

Material: Nylon and Foam

These custom-engineered solutions help prevent wire damage, saving our client a significant amount of time and money.